The X-Men #18

    The X-Men » The X-Men #18 - If Iceman Should Fail! released by Marvel on March 1, 1966.

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    Mangeto is boasting about how he has defeated the X-Men, and watches Professor Xavier, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Angel and Beast as they float upwards in his balloon trap, which is carrying them high up into the sky. He then proceeds to boast about how he defeated them, flaunting his mangetic powers to lift up the mansion and then place it back down, and then make their metal objects fly around.

    The doorbell rings and it is the Angel's parents, coming to check up on their son. He lets them in, and sends them upstairs until he wants to use them again. He later uses them to attempt to take their DNA and create more mutants. At the hospital, the doctors are trying to treat a sickly Iceman. And, up in the balloon, Professor X and the X-Men break free of their bonds and try to think how to get down.

    Professor Xavier discovered that Magneto had manage to escape from the Strange planet, after being capured in X-Men #11, by using an old spaceship he found there and power up with his magnetic powers.

    Professor Xavier then psionically forced Iceman awake and pits him against Magneto. Iceman arrives and stops his machine for now, and fights with Magneto, not making much progress. Cyclops frees the X-Men and they arrive just in time to save Iceman from being defeated by Magneto.

    The Stranger returns and attempts to kidnap Magneto again, and does so succesfully. After destroying Magneto's artificial mutants and getting better, all the X-Men sit down to have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Worthing, the Angel's parents. All is well.



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    I'll trap us in an ice igloo and escape through a hole! Yeah? Well I'll use the power of magnetism to plug your hole! 0

    The X-Men #18 is not up to the standards of Marvel Comics. There's no way to sugar coat it - this issue is just plain bad.Magneto has returned and taken over the X-Men's mansion when Warren's parents show up unexpectedly. Magneto uses the power of magnetism(!?!) to hypnotize the Worthingtons into taking a nap, then he waves his hand and instantly creates a machine to use their blood to create an army of evil mutant androids (no, I'm not kidding).The X-Men are caught in a deathtrap of Magneto's c...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Magneto the Mad Scientist 0

    While I find several of the 1960s stories charming and at times intriguing, this issue was a mix of mad scientist clichés  , dated science fiction concepts and plain, old poor characterization.   Well, let us begin. Magneto has captured all the X-Men except Iceman. He proceeds to place all his captives into "a high altitude hot-air balloon" and expects this would be the end of them. They are supposed to suffocate from lack of oxygen. Not that bad of a plan, but there isn't really something stopp...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Bobby Saves the Day...Sort Of 0

    The previous issue saw the older X-Men demonstrate a healing power far superior to Wolverine's recuperative abilities (no doubt this is dropped soon).  Bobby Drake, unfortunately, does not seem to have such good health ... until Dr. Thomas injects him with the miraculous, experimental sulfa.  Bobby does a fairly decent job standing up against Magneto, even though not too many people seem to take this issue (including the creative team and characters within it).  Magneto, fresh from his bitternes...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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