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From this issue on, "The X-Men" starts selling monthly.

After the X-Men recovered from the last fight with Juggernaut, Professor Xavier, proud of how his students handled themselves decides to gives them a vacation.

Professor X (having read a scaremongering story in his paper) decides to confront Dr. Bolivar Trask, (the protagonist) on a debating programme to be televised Nationally from a studio downtown, Trask a Anthropologist claiming that the existence of 'MUTANTS' would soon put the Mankind in jeopardy, having come to this conclusion, He had made preparations to safeguard Humanity from this impending threat. Initially creating and building a Servitor/Controller that He named "Master Mold" and a substantial amount of drones called "Sentinels" to stop them. At the studio, during a demonstration, (to show how effective and reliable his creations would be for the task ahead) the Sentinels rebel against Dr. Trask and restrain him. Xavier telepathically beckons the X-Men (Beast and Iceman, Angel then Cyclops) Cyclops arrives at the door to the Studio Only to be cautioned by Beast (the Sentinel Section leader "1" had departed with Trask to return to Master Mold - leaving a solitary Sentinel, '3-R' to guard the Captive studio audience) of an impending attack by 3-R - its Cybernetic brain enabling it to outmanoeuvre Beast, Cyclops and Iceman, preparing to administer the final blow, to a toppled and unconscious Beast, 3-R passes a window and suddenly collapses. Meanwhile Angel is airborne heading towards the studio and encounters the departing squadron of Sentinels (with their captive creator) and is strategically saved my Marvel Girl who Telekinetically pulls him toward the train She is travelling on to get to the Professor, , they soon arrive at the studio where the Professor had just probed the Sentinel's cybernetic brain, barely being able to interpret the Sentinel's cerebral images, Finally acquiring the co-ordinates of it's Base.

Professor X and His X-Men head towards the location of the base - Only to arrive at a location, a hilltop in the middle of open parkland, their presence has Not gone unnoticed, Suddenly the earth shudders beneath them, as the hilltop rises to reveal multiple armaments protruding from turrets ALL pointed in Their direction, quickly they take evasive action.

The introduction of Mutants' Greatest threat, the Sentinels and their creator, Bolivar Trask ALSO the First appearance of Angel's Parents.

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