The X-Men #132

    The X-Men » The X-Men #132 - And Hellfire Is Their Name! released by Marvel on April 1, 1980.

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    Using Angel's Hellfire club membership, the X-Men infiltrate a club event, only to be met with extreme force. Can the X-Men survive this battle? Will Jean finally become the Black Queen?

    Cyclops takes the X-Men to Angel’s New Mexico home, because he thinks someone is spying on X-Mansion and Danger Room, because Hellfire Soldiers know too much about their powers and strategy. He also wants to talk to Angel about Jean's new powers and personality. There, he learns that Warren too is a member of the Hellfire Club, a club for millionaires. Angel gets them invitations for the Hellfire Club’s next big party.

    The Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle attacks the X-Men. Mastermind finally gains complete control over Phoenix, turning her into the Black Queen and making her attack Cyclops. The Hellfire Club defeats the X-Men and Wolverine seemingly perishes in the fight with Harry Leland, who is a mutant and has the powers of increasing gravity. Sebastian Shaw is also a mutant with the powers of absorber any impact and converts into kinetics power, becoming stronger. Donald Pierce is a cyborg with incredible force. While the Inner Circle congratulates itself, Wolverine reappears and is ready for a rematch.


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