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kitty and emmas debut

this is the holy grail of kitty and emma fans everywhere.  
because this issue features their first appearances and as an added bonus the origin of how kittys powers manifested. the story begins in muir island, scotland where chuckles xavier and his team of merry mutants are saying goodbye to moira, banshee, multiple man, havok and polaris after they all battled moiras mutant reality-warping son kevin 'proteus' mactaggert. then cerebro detects two mutants one in the chicago suburb of deerfield where charles, logan, piotr and ororo would greet kitty after she was paid a visit by the white queen emma frost, who gives kitty a bad feeling about her. and the other being in new york city where scott, jean and kurt travel to. kittys father, carmen suggests that she take the professors students to the local malt shoppe while he, his wife terri and chrles talk about kitty enrolling in the institute. while there kitty and ororo got to talking while the boys were over at the magazine rack looking at porn. then all of a sudden hellfire robots and soldiers attack and wreck the place. the x-men fought valiantly but got zapped by some sort of neutralizer while the fight went on kitty was thrown through the wall and into the nearby alley. her powers activated by allowing her to phase through the wall. in the end the x-men get taken away and kitty sneaks aboard a hellfire carrier and plans a rescue mission to save her new-found friends.

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