The X-Men #124

    The X-Men » The X-Men #124 - He Only Laughs When I Hurt! released by Marvel on August 1, 1979.

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    Arcade has brainwashed Colossus and he may very well be the most dangerous part of Murderworld for the X-Men.

    Arcade is at his room watching the X-Men and tells Colleen about his childhood, when he was a very rich boy and his father stop giving him money. He killed his parents and liked the feeling, then became a professional assassin, but got bored and started to bild this Murderworld. He tells that it were Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy who hired his services to kill the X-Men.

    One by one, the X-Men manage to escape their trap, helping eache other in their way. The X-Men have barely escaped their challenges when they are beset upon by PROLETARIAN, a brainwashed Peter who now believes he is the hero of the Soviet State! At the end, Arcade realizes that the X-Men had won he's game this time and release them.


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