The X-Men #123

    The X-Men » The X-Men #123 - Listen-Stop Me If You've Heard It, But This One Will KILL You! released by Marvel on July 1, 1979.

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    Welcome to Murder World. When Arcade kidnaps the X-Men, can the Amazing Spider-Man save his friends from the deadly confines of Arcade's game?

    Spider Man is swinging around when he pass above Cyclops and Colleen Wing and say hello - Cyclops still thinks that Jean is dead. Suddenly a truck captures the couple, and Spider Man realizes that that truck belongs to Arcade, and calls Mansion X to warn the X-Men, but is Arcade who actually answer the phone. He had already captured Storm, Banshee and also Colossus and Nightcrawler with their dates Betsy Wilford and Amanda Sefton. After having a dinner with Mariko Yashida, Wolverine is also captured by Arcade's minions.

    When the X-Men awake they are all inside some strange balls traped in a giant arcade machine, at Arcade's Murderworld Theme Park. Each one of the X-Men is then send to a different kind of trap - Cyclops is in a room with 3 doors and a moving wall, Colossus is at a room with a fake Russian Colonel Alexei Vazhin that tells him he is a traitor to join X-Men, Wolverine is inside a glass room with living images that attack him, Banshee is still with damaged vocal cords inside a World War II air battle, Nightcrawler is in another room with alive bumping cars attacking him, and finally Storm is in a flooding chamber. Cyclops manages to escape destroying the wall instead of the door and find Wolverine, but suddenly Colossus strikes out and attack them both saying that they are all traitors of Russia. At his room Arcade is laughing...

    Note: The Cockrum-illustrated title box on the cover is replaced by a Byrne -pencilled one in this issue. Byrne wanted to wait until he'd drawn as many issues of the X-Men as Cockrum did before he changed it.


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