The X-Men #119

    The X-Men » The X-Men #119 - Twas The Night Before Christmas... released by Marvel on March 1, 1979.

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    Moses Magnum has issued an ultimatum to the government of Japan: Turn the country over to him, or he will use his Magnum Force to sink the entire country!

    The X-Men initiate a secret attack on Moses Magnum's base in Japan, hoping to stop him before he can unleash his "Magnum Force" on the Island. Nightcrawler teleports inside the base and informs Cyclops, Wolverine, Sunfire and Colossus when he is in a safe place, so they can enter from beneath the earth by a tunnel they had dig with their powers. Misty Knight is coordinating everything and Storm and Banshee attacks from the sky. But Moses Magnum sensed their movement and was waiting for the X-Men at the end of the tunnel, punishing Colossus almost off the island. Colossus comes back and alone destroys all Madroids sent by Moses.

    They are unsuccessful in stopping Moses, and it is up to Banshee to counter the force emitting from the base with his sonic scream, with devastating results, exploding the island but damaging his vocal cords. At the end the X-Men still got time to celebrate Christmas before leaving Japan.

    In another continent, Jean Grey arrives at Edinburgh and celebrate Christmas with Moira, Havok, Lorna and James Madrox. They all still think that the X-Men are dead. At Muir Island, Angus MacWhirter enters Moira's research complex and meets Mutant X.


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