The X-Men #114

    The X-Men » The X-Men #114 - Desolation released by Marvel on October 1978.

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    Following their battle with Magneto, Phoenix and Beast seem to be the only survivors left!

    The Beast and Phoenix have become separated from the rest of the X-Men after the collapse of Magneto's lair, and each team believes the other died.

    Jean and Hank make their way back to the states, and tell Prof. Xavier that all of his students are dead.

    Meanwhile the X-Men find themselves in the Savage Land! While there, they try to unwind and relax with the Fall People, but their reprieve is short lived, as they are attacked by old foe SAURON! Sauron gets Storm and drains her powers.

    There was a scene when Cyclops was lost in thought about Jean and why he isn't feeling so bad about the death of the woman he loved, when he saw his own reflection with a mustache in a lake and realizes he looks like Corsair. That make him remember about his past when he and Alex (Havok) were still young and were tossed out of a plane by their father - the Corsair.

    Wolverine was also lost in thought about Jean and how much he loved her, but now she is dead and he never even told her his name.


    • This is the first Uncanny Issue!

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