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The X-Men are dispatched from Muir Island in a hoverboat. However, when the boat crashes theyThe X-Men have returned to the United States from Muir Island and have caught someone lurking in their headquarters run into their oldest enemy...

The X-Men charter a boat to take them to Moira's research station in Muir Island. However, upon nearing their destination the boat is mysteriously destroyed.The X-Men survive and reach the Island but are swiftly trapped within a bubble of force and pulled into the station by none other than Magneto. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Moira arrive and learn of Magneto's trap. Magneto quickly defeats the X-Men but Cyclops surprises him, given them time to regroup and return to New York to prevent Eric the Red from attacking Xavier. Magneto basks in his triumph, unaware that the battle has freed the malevolent Mutant X. Meanwhile, in space, Corsair and the Starjammers plan to oppose the Shi'ar's Emperor D'ken as renegade Shi'ar Princess Lilandra reaches Earth.


  • The cover is a homage to legendary X-Men #1!

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