The X-Men #1

    The X-Men » The X-Men #1 - X-Men released by Marvel on September 1963.

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    Will the X-Men fight to see another day? And how does IceMan fit into all this? Find out in the first ever appearance of the mutant team!


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    Merry Mutants & Crazy Contraptions 0

    Overview  It all started here, for X-Men. It feels odd reviewing such an old issue. Half the fun is just in how odd and old it is. Well I say half but really aside from the historic value its the main draw to me. Xavier has a school, but *gasp* its not like your typical school, its a school for wizards! Oh wait no, sorry, its a school for mutants. Iceman is the young, immature, jokester, (who also snows up and runs around naked in ice form throwing snow as his power) Angel is the rich handsome d...

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    The Legend Begins... 0

    Writing a review of a 47-year-old comic book would be very difficult under normal circumstances, but writing one for something like this, the first issue of the X-Men, is nearly impossible unless we can agree to judge it only by the standards of its age, not by ours. The dialogue may seem cheesy to us, the art foreign, and the characterization wholly alien, but when we remove the scope of the modern lens, we can start to truly understand this book. That being said, however, this issue is not per...

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    Seven characters introduced 0

    The X-Men series gets a decent start with the introductions of Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Magneto, Marvel Girl, and Professor X. While not exactly an origin story for any them, it helps establish a few facts  *Professor X is loaded, with a private mansion, a modified Rolls Royce and a jet. He gives a brief mention of both of his parents working in the Atomic bomb project. Too bad this clue will only be explored further in his father's origin instead of his mother's. He mentions facing prejud...

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