wundagoreborn's The X-Files: Season 10 #1 - Believers, Part 1 (of 5) review

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I'm a believer

The Great

Simply seeing these characters back in action. I didn’t realize what a gap they had left until I saw them again.

The Good

The story has a quick start and Chris Carter and Joe Harris craft an expert plot that pulls the reader in with a mix of shocks and mysteries. If you like creepy, the little girl in this issue is for you. Harris really catches Mulder’s dialogue, especially in his interactions with Skinner. Artwise, the faces of the lead characters and their expressions are outstanding. This can be a weak link when screen characters are involved, but this book makes it a strength. They always look like Scully, Mulder and Skinner - no distractions. The teaser page shows the Lone Gunmen, so the book is only getting cooler from here.

The Okay

I’m a fan of super-detailed, finished looking art so Michael Walsh’s more sparing, broader line drawing is going to take some getting used to. Jordie Bellaire’s muted colors are very consistent with the mood of this franchise, though.

The Bad

No theme music plays when the book opens. Seriously, it works for greeting cards, right? Also, when did Scully become a pediatrician? When the story needed her to be one for convenience. But sorry, Scully was a lab pathologist and an M.E. In the real world doctors specialize and practice in their specialty.

The Verdict

I predict Season Ten of The X-Files will be monthly must-reading in much the same way that The X-Files was can’t-miss appointment television in the 90s.

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