The World Is Not Enough

    Movie » The World Is Not Enough released on November 08, 1999.

    Bond is assigned with protecting Electra King, an oil mogul whose father was murdered by Renard, an elusive terrorist. Bond becomes Electra's lover but finds himself sharing the position with Renard. The former terrorist being Elektra's puppet.

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    The World is Not enough is the 19th official James Bond film and the third to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. The title is derived from a line in both the book and film versions of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the phrase is the motto of Bond's family. In The World Is Not Enough 007 must protect an oil heiress, Elektra King from a criminal called Renard.

    This is Michael Apted's first and only James Bond film. The theme was performed by the band Garbage and the score was written by David Arnold.


    Pre-title sequence

    In the pre-title sequence Bond is at a Swiss Bank in Bilbao, Spain, on assignment from M to retrieve a large sum of money from the account of a friend of hers, Sir Robert King-an oil tycoon. While there he questions a banker about the death of his partner, 0012; the man is murdered by his assistant before he can utter a word. Bond escapes and upon his arrival in London, the briefcase explodes at MI6 headquarters, killing Sir Robert. He spots the assassin from the bank and chases after her in a boat chase down The Thames River. He chases her until they arrive at the Millennium Dome where she attempts to escape via use of a hot air balloon. He follows climbing up on the safety line, up there he offers he MI6 protection in return for her cooperation in the investigation of the deaths of Sir Robert King and 0012. She refuses and kills herself by detonating the balloon. Bond lets go of the safety, falling a short distance onto the dome.

    Main Plot

    While in Scotland attending the funeral of Sir Robert, Bond traces the money back to Renard, a former KGB agent turned terrorist. Bond is told that MI6 once attempted to assassinate Renard but failed, leaving a bullet lodged in Renard's head, the bullet is slowly making it's way through Renard's head gradually taking away his senses giving him an immunity to pain. Bond is then assigned by M to protect King's daughter Elektra; Renard once kidnapped Elektra and MI6 believe he's planning on doing it again.

    He flies to Azerbaijan where Elektra is overseeing the construction of a new pipeline stretching from the Caspian Sea to Turkey. While joining Elektra on a tour of the proposed location for the pipeline, Bond and Elektra by a hit squad sent by Renard, equipped with armed para-glider equipped snowmobiles.

    Fending off the hit squad Bond pays a visit to an old friend of his, Valentin Zukovsk- a casino owner for information on the attackers.While there he finds that Elektra's head of security, Davidov is in league with Zukovsky. After having sex with Elektra, Bond stows away in Davidov's car to a nearby airstrip. While there Bond kills Davidov in cold blood and sneaks aboard a Russian plane bound for a nuclear weapons facility in Kazakhstan

    Posing as a nuclear physicist Bond infiltrates the facility to find out why Renard's men are at an ICBM facility. While there a scientist at the facility, Dr. Christmas Jones follows him as she's suspicious of him and suspects that he's not as he seems. Inside Bond watches Renard remove a locator card from one of the bombs, before he could kill him his cover is blown by Christmas. Renard steals the bomb and flees, leaving his men, the workers, Bond and Jones to die in the explosive laden facility. Bond retrieves the locator card and escapes along with Christmas as the whole facility explodes.

    Returning to Azerbaijan Bond informs M that he thinks Elektra may not be as she seems. The two are then interrupted by an unexpected attack on the pipeline; the bomb that Renard stole in Kazakhstan was onboard an inspection rig headed towards the main terminal. Bond and Christmas go after it, entering the pipe on a separate rig. When defusing the bomb Christmas discovers that half the plutonium is missing. Realizing that the whole thing was a set up just to get Bond away from M he orders Christmas to jump off the rig and wait for the explosion.

    After the explosion Bond radios in, learning M has been kidnapped. Elektra and Renard then rendezvous at Maidens Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. He presents her with the other half of the plutonium and in return she presents him with M, locked in a small cell. Renard sets an alarm clock down on top of a stool in front of her cell, promising her that she will be killed tomorrow, at noon.

    During that same night Bond pays a visit to Zukovsky, at his caviar factory in the Caspian Sea, under the belief that he is working for Elektra. While interrogating him the factory becomes under attack by helicopters, confirming Bond's suspicions. Zukovsky swore that their arrangement was only for Victor III class Submarine, currently being captained by his nephew. If Renard were to take the plutonium he stole and place in the nuclear reactor of the sub, the explosion would level the entire city of Istanbul, sabotaging a Russian pipeline. Elektra's pipeline is supposed to run directly around the city, dramatically increasing the value of her oil. Renard and his men poison the crew of the submarine and then hijacks it.

    M, realizing she still has the locator card snatches the alarm clock and uses the battery to power the locator card, sending off a signal with her location to Bond. As Bond leaves, Zukovsky's henchman Mr. Bullion places an explosive to kill Bond. Bond and Christmas escape however but are captured by Bullion and several other men. Bond is placed into a garrote, ancient torture device while Christmas is brought aboard the sub. While Elektra is torturing Bond, Zukovsky storms demanding to know what she's done with his nephew.

    Bond makes a gesture towards the table and Zukovsky sees Nikolai's hat; as soon as he realizes he's dead Elektra shoots him. Before he dies Zukovsky fires a shot from his gun concealed in his cane, pretending to fire at Bond but really firing at one of Bond's restraints, freeing him. Bond grabs the gun from Elektra and chases after her, stopping just long enough to free M. Bond asks Elektra to call off the plan but she refuses and he shoots, killing her.

    Diving after the sub, Bond boards it and briefly battles with Renard's men and amidst the confusion causes the it to dive rather than surfacing. The submarine hits the sea floor nose on, causing the hull to crack. Catching up to Renard Bond discovers him shoving the plutonium rod into the reactor core, fighting him but loses. He then hoists himself up to the pressure release to reconnect the pressure hose, causing the reactor to backfire; impaling Renard with a nuclear rod. Bond and Christmas make their escape via use of the torpedo tubes, leaving the damaged reactor to safely detonate underwater.

    Later that evening, Bond and Christmas enjoy champagne with one another, celebrating the new millennium together in Istanbul. M, joined by the new Q and several other members of the secret service spot Bond by use of a thermal imaging camera.



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