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    Character » The Word appears in 16 issues.

    When God sang creation into being, The Word is the first that came into being when God spoke the first word. Now he acts as His executioner, destroying anything and anyone that threatens Him.

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    Not to be confused with the text-based Word


    how the Word came to be
    how the Word came to be

    The Word is one of the seven deadly aspects of the Voice itself. He is the first being created. In recent times, the Word destroyed the Parliament of Trees and Lady Jane, an elemental, as well as the Parliaments of Stones, Waves and Vapors----elemental gods---in attempt to stop Swamp Thing from becoming all-powerful. The Word was eventually defeated by Swamp Thing's daughter, Tefe when she mimicked the divine words of the Voice.Though the Word cannot be completely destroyed, for the Spectre has since implied that The Word is still alive. The Word is one of the only beings that even the Spectre is afraid of, and the Phantom Stranger is respectful to.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Word has power over divine words, and possesses dark divine powers, he told Alec that his powers were the oldest magic known to man. He once made 10 billion years pass in a chamber while in the outside world only a second has passed, which shows he could easily kill even gods. He is much more powerful than the Spectre, as he can easily block Monsieur Stigmonus where Spectre had to fight hard to win. He rules in the realm of Nameless land. The Word is made of divine words, so he could not be physically harmed.

    The Word is also Nigh Omniscient, having read from the Book of Destiny.


    He was surprised once by Tefe who imitated the divine words of the Voice and temporarily stopped him.


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