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I`d been looking forward to this movie for ages and just missed it at the cinema. So, over the moon when it came out on disc, and I wasn`t disappointed.
The Wolfman is a retelling of the famous 1940s werewolf movie. Benicio Del Toro plays Lawrence Talbot, an actor who returns to his ancestral home in England to investigate the brutal death of his brother - apparently, savaged by an escaped lunatic...
There is obviously alot more to the death than meets the eye, and there`s plenty of mystery also in this horror-outing.
 The Wolfman is beautifully filmed, Victorian England looks great and the cobbled streets or windy moorland provide a suitable atmospheric backdrop. The Wolfman is deliciously vicious and looks great, and there`s enough spooky moments to keep viewers gripped.
Well acted and scripted. Anthony Hopkins is one of a smattering of veteran British actors. Emily Blunt provides some love-interest for the unfortunate Del Toro, but, thankfully, the story doesn`t get bogged down in too much romantic shenanigans.
There are a few gory moments but not overtly so, that said, those moments are pretty bloodthirsty. The character`s descent into lycanthropy is well done with some surreal special effects, and the transformation from man to beast is cool stuff...
A must for werewolf fans, and even if you`re not, it`s still a bloody good monster movie, with a `classic` style...
Two thumbs up!

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