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Superb Start

Of course it was not the most spectacular issue I've ever read, but you can't expect as much from an opener, you can only expect that it gives you enough to keep you intrigued and desire to learn more, to see what else could be in store, and it most certainly has accomplished that. An introductory issue of sorts, this issue shows us the three girls that will become the Trinity, none of them no each other yet, and we know very little of two of them, but Elsa Grimston we get a very good look at her and I am honestly sitting on the edge of my seat, excited for more after reading her story, that came to an amazing cliffhanger.

I mean sure, not everyone would find the devil sitting in your kitchen on the moon an exciting event, but Lucifer is my all-time favorite comic book character so obviously I love it, and besides that, I plan on trying his special cocktail, the Morningstar as he calls it, when I'm of legal age, of course.

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