The Witch

    Character » The Witch appears in 31 issues.

    The Witch is an enchantress who can use her pheromone control to dominate the minds of men, all in the pursuit of justice. Her pheromones tend to cause members of the female species to be violent towards her.

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    The golden age Witch was a villain from the Mighty Man comics. She was a boss of a group of burglars who used strange illusions to create a image of an old witch to her foes.

    She was never captured by Mighty man.



    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 130lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Blonde


    Malibu rebooted the Witch in the Protectors, 90s series. Here, Andrea Nastrova was a professional, young artist who kept herself as a mysterious enigma to others. After she had gained her super abilities, Andrea Nastrova decided to use her powers for financial gain by becoming a superhero. Her morals are not as strict as her fellow superhero peers and her techniques sometimes border on illegal. Her early exploits have brought her into conflict with another hero named Mighty Man, who hold a resentment towards each other even after they've both joined the Protectors. The Witch passed away when the rest of the world was destroyed after the Protectors fought against the Great Question.


    The Witch has the ability to mesmerize men through perhaps pheromone control. She has slightly higher than average strength. The Witch also has the ability to fly. Despite her superhero name, her powers are not magical in nature.


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