The Wink

    Character » The Wink appears in 6 issues.

    Once the daughter of a powerful magician, her parents were killed by thugs and her face was scared, but she escaped. She turned to Roekel for protection, and in turn she was turned into The Wink.

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    Benedetta would usually be a part of her father's act and at some point learned how to vanish and reappear.  However one day some thugs that here father owed money to broke in to her place and scarred Benedetta and killed her father.  She survived by vanishing away from the thugs. 
    She would later get a job as a fortune teller and later meet with Roekel.  After the meeting Roekel changed her into one of the Imperfects and made her vanishing power more powerful. 
    She would later fight Wolverine on Earth when the Imperfects invaded.  She would get defeated by Wolverine after she tried to steal info from the Avenger's base.  But she would later win against a fight with Electra.


    Wink is a mutant capable of controlling the molecules of her body. After being technologically augmented by Van Roekel, she could teleport for short distances.

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