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    Character » The Will appears in 50 issues.

    A bounty hunter hired by Vez to kill Marko and Alana, and abduct their child Hazel.

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    So far it is unknown where The Will is originally from and how he became the freelancer he is today. Also we still have not been told what The Will's full name is.


    The Will was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples and his first appearance was in Image Comic's Saga #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Will and The Stalk
    The Will and The Stalk

    We first meet The Will in an audition given to him by Vez. He is attacked by Vez's guard dog who he easily kills. Vez, impressed by this hires him to track down and kill Marko and Alana and retrieve their daughter Hazel. He is given a card to cover all his expenses up until the job is complete. He accepts the bounty and sets out.

    He calls the agency to find out any other details on the job. It is then that he learns that The Stalk has also been hired and has a few days head start on him. The Will, thinking that The Stalk will have already got the bounty by the times he turns up, decides to make some use of his expense card and sets course for the pleasure planet of Sextillion.

    On his way to the Sextillion he gets a call from The Stalk requesting his help with the bounty. He refuses, we can see that there is a lot of tension between the two, and that they have been romantically involved in the past. He hangs up and continues on his way

    Upon arrival, he wanders through the various levels of the planet unimpressed. He then encounters a man that says he can get him something darker, he is led into a room which reveals six year old Slave Girl inside, the young girl has been sold by her family into the Sextillion. The Will is disgusted by this, kills her pimp and attempts to leave the planet with her. However when he reaches his ship he is stopped by Mama Sun, the young girls owner. She informs him that the girl has been injected with a security elixir, which activates if she is taken off planet. The elixir will cause the young girls arteries to harden leading to a slow and painful death. His partner Lying Cat confirms this.

    The Will kills a Sextillion pimp.
    The Will kills a Sextillion pimp.

    He offers to buy the girls freedom. Mama Sun agrees to this but the price she puts on the girl is too much. The Will having no choice calls The Stalk and offers to help her for a 50/50 split of the bounty. While he is talking to her, she is attacked and killed by Prince Robot IV.

    Prince Robot IV then picks up The Stalk's phone and tells The Will what he has done. The Will enraged by this, vows to kill him right after he murders everything he loves.

    When we next see The Will he is watching home videos of himself and The Stalk together. He is despondent, but he stills needs to track down Hazel to buy Slave Girl's freedom.

    In the next scene The Will is carrying Slave Girl and trying to free her from captivity when he is stopped by Mama Sun. After a short conversation Mama Sun is killed from behind by The Stalk who then enjoys a kiss with The Will. However, afterwards The Stalk finds the kiss gross, due to his stubble. The Will introduces Slave Girl to The Stalk. When The Stalk asks the girl about her name, but the girl just mumbles strange things, when her eyes suddenly become the eyes of a lizard with an eerie look on her face, and blood comes out of her mouth. That's when Lying Cat wakes up The Will, and it appears that it all was a dream that turned into a nightmare.

    Shortly after waking up from his dream, The Will is approached by Gwendolyn, who was hired by the same agency to track down Alana & Marko. She seeks The Will's help telling him finding Hazel's parents is also The Will's best shot at finding his love interest's killer, Prince Robot IV. While the two are discussing the deal, The Will notices that the job seems to mean more to Gwendolyn than just finding Hazel, and that she's having some history with Marko. Though she says "absolutely not", Lying Cat detects the lie and The Will says even a dead dog could have told him that. However, The Will agrees to support Gwendolyn only if she helps to find and liberate Slave Girl first.

    They enter The Will's spaceship and Gwendolyn calls Mama Sun pretending she was Detective Donn from Wreath Homeland Police and threatening her to handover Slave Girl because the Homeland Police as reason to believe the young girl may have her horns surgically removed so she could be sold on the black market as prostitute. If Mama Sun doesn't cooperate, Homeland Police would leak her quality-control issues to the press. Mama Sun appears to buy the story and is willing to drop off Slave Girl on Indica in an hour.

    When they arrive on Indica, Slave Girl is held back by three strange looking gangsters. Mama Sun told them The Will was probably behind this and they tested the girl and she definitely isn't a moony but as she's obviously valuable to The Will, they are willing to make a revised deal and to sell the girl for 30 million. The Will makes a counter offer to let them walk away alive if they leave the girl.

    The Will immediately engages in a fight killing one of the gangster with a super-lance. Lying Cat jumps at the second gangster's face and starts eating. When The Will can't handle the third gangster, Gwendolyn shoots a red lightning stroke with her eyes that knocks down and paralyzes the gangster. She then says that her ex taught her how to do this.

    Back on the spaceship they try to bring Slave Girl to bed so she could get some rest. When the little girl seems to sleep next to Lying Cat, The Will and Gwendolyn discuss where to go next and who could take good care of the little girl. Suddenly the girl stands behind Gwendolyn, seemingly capable of sensing voices from objects, saying Gwendolyn's necklace would be sad and missing its old friends; finally hearing them again, not far away. The old friends appear to be the engagement rings that Gwendolyn gave Marko. Slave Girl then points into the direction of the rings.

    In Saga 'Slave Girl' from Sextillion was directing The Will, Lying Cat and Gwendolyn to Hazel and her family. Unfortunately some bad things happened when the two groups almost met. Some characters narrowly escaped deaths which looked certain. Now The Will's group after fleeing from the scene are preparing themselves to go after Hazel's family again.


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