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Plot Summary

She-Hulk and Jazinda are on a cross-country chase from a bomber. Before they were driving it was already revealed that She-Hulk was having issues with being a "Hero" as they drove, a large thump hits their trailor roof. She-Hulk pummels the ship with blows but it keep coming back to her. There seems to be an attraction between the ship and She-Hulk. When She-Hulk rips the top off the ship, there lays an alien. He tells her to please save him. He promptly added that she should show loyalty for he is her future leader. She-Hulk tries to run away and not get involved, but Jazinda insists on helping him. Jazinda quickly identifies him as a Froma. Their race is heavy with gamma-radiation emmisions. His ship was attracted to She-Hulk's radiation. The alien identifies himself as Cazon, the once heir and now hunted. Cazon was accused of being a mass murderer of dozens of people because they didnt show support. Now he is on the run. She-Hulk promptly snaps out that she's done with the whole hero thing.

The story immediatly switches to one innocent camping couple. Larry and Tanya are on a camping trip trying to mend their marriage for their kids and themselves. In a moments notice a huge and strong alien is growling at them. Larry quickly tries to protect his wife by shooting the alien. The shot does no damage. The alien simply told Larry not to shoot him again and that he was taking their food. Larry and Tanya quikly prepare to leave the camp site. The story switches back to She-Hulk. "There's no percentage in the whole hero thing thats why. Being a hero just gets people killed, yourself, other heroes, and innocent bystanders", said She-Hulk to Jazinda. Jazinda states that Shulkie's only scared of herself. A large scream quickly interrups their more personal conversation. Cazon has a glowing leash around his neck. An alien bounty hunter refuses to let him go. Jazinda quickly steps in and holds an alien gun on him. The alien bounty hunter is revealed to be a Badoon. Jazinda shoots him but has only stunned him. The Badoon quickly jumps up and kills Jazinda. Jen quikly jumps in and fights the Badoon.

The story switches back to Tanya and Larry. Jazinda and Cazon run into Larry and Tanya as they are leaving. Cazon quickly takes Tanya as a hostage. Larry tells Cazon to let go of his wife. Instead, Cazon kills Tanya. "You were accused of being a mass murderer. How can someone innocent of such crimes just kill someone," screams Jazinda. "When did I say I was innocent," replied Cazon. He promptly shoots Jazinda with her own gun. The fight between She-Hulk and the Badoon continues. He quickly identifies her as one of the Magistrati; she quit that a while ago though. He says that he is Kodor a licensed Badoon bounty hunter. During the fight She-Hulk said that she was protecting her friend. Kodor quickly reveals to She-Hulk that it was of no avail, for Jazinda was slain by Cazon. Cazon takes Larry and levitates to Kodors ship.

Back to She-Hulk and Kodor, Shulkie sees Kodor messing with the corpse of Tanya. He is using a molecular stimulator to make her come back to life. He wants to question Tanya. Kodor quickly reveals to Tanya that she is dead and will only be alive for a few more moments. Kodor tries to calm her but she becomes hysterical. Kodor tries to kill her seeing her as no use , but Shulkie quickly jumps in. Jazinda, as if reborn from the dead, all of a sudden wakes up. Shulkie freaks out saying that she knew for sure that Jazinda was dead. At that moment they all spot in the sky Cazon in Kodor's ship with Larry attached to the outside. Shulkie quickly suggest that Kodor throw herself onto the ship to save Larry and bring down Cazon. Shulkie hangs on for dear life as Cazon tries to move the ship in a way to throw her off. She-Hulk dimly hears Larry's screams. Larry wont be able to handle the atmospheric pressure in a few moments. She-Hulk ends up having to swing herself onto the back of the ships huge fire breathing, I think, exaust pipe. As the fire hits her, She realizes how much she forgot the impact of real pain. The ship starts to sputter and goes down in a downward spiral. She-Hulk quickly goes down to the front of the ship to save Larry from an immediate death. Larry and She-Huk end up hitting the deep part of the lake, but Cazon and the ship end up at the shallow end. The impact of Larry and She-Hulk end up stripping her of her pants.

Cazon slowly steps out of the damaged ship. Kodor quickly holds a gun to him. Tanya, still alive, grabs the gun in an attempt to kill Cazon herself. Kodor tells her that he needs him alive, but Tanya said she needed him dead. She-Hulk steps in saying that Tanya wont want her last moment to be spent killing someone. Larry quickly comes once he spotted Tanya. Larry hugs her saying he thought she was dead. Tanya tells him that she is and she can feel herself fading. She told him to tell their kids that she loved them. Her last words were that she doesn't want to go. At that moment she abruptly turns into dust. After seeing that Jazinda kills Cazon by stabbing him through his chest with her own hand.

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