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    Character » The Weeper appears in 12 issues.

    Archenemy of Bulletman & Bulletgirl. He is capable of the most brutal of murders, but sheds tears for his victims.

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    The Weeper is the arch-foe of Bulletman and Bulletgirl. His real name is Mortimer Gloom. He is capable of the most brutal of murders, but sheds tears for his victims. He wears a blue opera cape, a top hat and carries a wicked little walking stick. His arsenal also includes tear gas bombs. He also drives a hearse and is accompanied by his henchman, The Bittermen. He hates to see people happy but feels bad after he hurts them.

    Circus Performer

    Mortimer Gloom was a circus performer. He was known as the "Crying Clown" or "Weeping Willie". He was fired for being dishonest. Sometime afterward he committed several acts of revenge. He later took on the name "The Weeper".

    Criminal Mastermind

    On Thanksgiving, The Weeper sent letters and visited a number of families telling them tragic news. He told one family their son died in the war. Another family, the father was fired from his job after years of dutiful service. Another family, he told the husband his business burned to the ground. Later the families discovered it was not true. The Weeper told them this so he could either rob their homes or so they could lead him to where they hid their valuable possessions.

    The Bittermen

    The Weeper put an ad in the paper looking for men who felt life had given them ordeal. A lot of men replied to the ad. He interviewed them all and picked ten of the saddest men. He called them The Bittermen. The Weeper along with his henchmen, The Bittermen, set out to make the lives of other people very unhappy.

    They started by riding through a parade in a hearse and tossing tear gas into the crowd. This causes a stampede which kills many people. The Weeper drives through the street littered with dead bodies weeping at that horrible tragedy.

    They commit a series of ghastly acts, with each murder making The Weeper feel sadder and sadder.

    Sometime after being defeated by Bulletman and Bulletgirl, the Weeper returns and looks to gather his Bittermen back together. One of them refuses, saying he makes enough money now to choke a horse and he is very happy. The Weeper replies saying he hates to hear that people are happy. The next day the man is found dead after having choked on his wad of money.

    The Weeper then shows his other Bittermen the paper of what happened to the other guy. Fearing for their lives they join his group again. The Weeper is later betrayed by one of them. That person also narrates the story.

    Revenge Syndicate

    The Weeper was a member of the Revenge Syndicate. They were a villain team started by The Murder Prophet and joined by The Weeper and the Black Rat. At first they were at odds with each other wanting to be chief of the group. The Weeper came up with the idea that they roll a pair of dice to see who would be chief. The person with the highest roll would go first; the person with the second highest would go second; and the person with the third highest would go third.

    The Murder Prophet won the first roll. His plan was to rob a museum. Bulletman and Bulletgirl stopped them.

    The Weeper went second. His plan was for the Murder Prophet to pretend to be a psychic at a carnival. The Murder Prophet told a rich woman to move her money so it would not be stolen. They were going to steal the money while it was being moved. Bulletman and Bulletgirl stopped them. They lifted the car they were in and threw it in the lake. The Black Rat saved The Murder Prophet and The Weeper.

    The three realized that Bulletman had thwarted their plans prior and they needed to eliminate him if they ever wanted to succeed.

    The Black Rat went third. His plan was to send out a radio broadcast to lure Bulletman to an abandoned shack. They set up a dummy of the Black Rat. Bulletman and Bulletgirl went inside the shack. The Revenge Syndicate went inside and beat up Bulletman. To their surprise, Bulletman had set up a dummy of his own. While Bulletman and Bulletgirl beat them up, their radio short-circuited and started a massive fire. The Weeper, along with the two other villains, were caught in the blaze and were unable to get out, leading to their apparent deaths.

    Weeper II

    After his death, the Weeper was replaced by his son, The Weeper II. He appeared in Mary Marvel #8 in which Bulletgirl guest-starred. The two heroines fought him and Dr. Riddle. The Weeper II was quoted as saying, "My father, the true Weeper, is dead -- Sob! But I am carrying on with his name!"

    The Weeper meets The Joker

    The Weeper teamed up with the Joker in Justice League of America issue #136. The issue featured members of the Justice League traveling to Earth-S and meeting Shazam's Squadron of Justice--Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Mister Scarlet and Pinky the Whiz Kid, Ibis the Invicible and the Spy-Smasher.

    The Joker was teaching the Weeper his style of committing crimes. They are stopped by Batman and Robin and Mister Scarlet and Pinky. Robin is unaffected by the Weeper's tear gas because he is wearing contact lenses.

    [Note: Weeper II's encounter with the Joker of Earth-Two does not fit in with current continuity.]


    "How sad life is -- How terribly sad!" - The Weeper's catchphrase.

    "Life is sad...People will learn that bitter fact from you -- the Bitterman! People try to be happy -- But we musn't let that happen." -- The Weeper speaking to his Bittermen.

    "All those happy people...that's wrong -- that's terribly wrong! This must not be allowed! Bitterman -- unfasten the cages of the wild animals!" -- The Weeper giving his Bitterman orders.

    "It's a terrible thing when people tell me they are happy! Terrible!" -- The Weeper talking to a Bitterman reluctant to rejoin his operation.

    " I knew you'd realize your duty at making people miserably." -- The Weeper to a rejoining Bitterman.

    "It makes me happy to see you once again willing to bring misery to millions." -- The Weeper to a group of recently rejoining Bittermen.

    "This is going to make me very, very sad!" -- The Weeper talking to himself as he attempts to kill Bulletgirl.

    "How sorrowful it is to see people die!" -- The Weeper talking to himself as he shoots Bulletgirl in the back.

    "My first job is to wreck that iron lung used to bring hope to fools who don't know the joys of sorrow!" -- The Weeper says to his Bittermen.

    "Life is so sad -- that I'll reward you with death" -- The Weeper talking to Bulletman.

    "Sob...Sob...Now I must permanently blind my enemies!" -- The Weeper talking to himself.

    "Ah, Weepsgiving Day!--And a feast of tears for me!" -- The Weeper talking to himself.

    "Into each life some rain must fall"- The Weeper.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    The Weeper appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, found by the Joker in a supervillian hangout in Gotham City. The Weeper tells the Joker of his greatest caper that failed, losing to his arch-nemesis Bulletman. The Joker and The Weeper team up and are defeated by Batman and sent to jail. The Weeper has not been seen in DC canon continuity since either of DC's two revitilizations.


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