The Watchdogs

    Team » The Watchdogs appears in 73 issues.

    A terrorist organization dedicated to restoring and preserving traditional American values and culture. They are primarily an exclusive enemy group of Captain America.

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    Brief History

    The Watchdogs are a paramilitary group using terrorist tactics against any person, group or institution that does not conform to their standards of decency. The Watchdogs are a grassroots nationwide organization that will not rest until America is only free to think and act like themselves.

    The Watchdogs are secretly funded by the Red Skull and is responsible for killing John Walker's parents when they discovered his identity as the new Captain America.
    The Watchdogs recently appeared with all new technology and teamed up with the 1950's Captain America, the former Grand Director. Together they plotted to blow up the Hoover Dam. There plan was thwarted by the current Captain America, James "Bucky" Barnes and the Falcon.

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