The Warriors

    Team » The Warriors appears in 13 issues.

    The Warriors is an gang from New York, reigning over the Coney Island area. Through hardships and gang battles, they've earned a reputation as one of the most courageous and toughest gangs the city has ever seen.

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    The Warriors is a gang from Coney Island whose members include Ajax, Swan, Snow, Cochise, Cowboy, Rembrandt, Vermin, Fox and their leader, Cleon.

    One night, Cyrus, the leader of the most powerful gang in the city, the Gramercy Riffs, calls for 9 delegates of every gang in the city, hoping to organize a peace treaty and use their numbers to take over the city from the police. Unfortunately, Cyrus Is assassinated by the Rogues, the murder is falsely pinned on The Warriors and cops show up. In the heat of the escape, Cleon is overwhelmed and beaten to death. Upon reorganizing, Swan realizes that Cleon's absence means he is in charge. Oblivious to the fact that every gang in New York is now after them, they set off to return to Coney Island, fighting their way through several different gangs. Fox is killed in an accident with the police and Ajax is arrested by an undercover cop. Upon discovering that the other gangs believe they killed Cyrus and being confronted by the Rogues, the Warriors manage to clear their name by fighting and defeating them, making them admit their crimes to the Riffs.


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