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In an alternate reality, the noble born Kryptonian named Gar-El was the last survivor of the planet Krypton. Escaping by space-craft as the planet exploded, Gar-EL traveled at sub-light speed towards the milky way galaxy. Through extensive research he learned that if he traveled to a galaxy with a yellow sun he would gain powers beyond that of any normal Kryptonian. During his journey he bathed his body in radiation that precisely matched the radiation of a yellow sun. His radiation treatments were so effective that when he arrived on earth he was already extremely powerful possessing not only superhuman strength but also the ability to fly. He knew that every day he spent under the yellow sun would increase his powers so that he would grow stronger and stronger. He gave himself a name that denoted his already considerable power and foreshadowed the even greater power he would achieve he called himself, The Warlock Royal.

Not long after arriving on earth Gar-El took a wife and became King George the thirds right hand man (King George had no say in the matter). He told King George that he didn't wish to totally disrupt the planet, he just wanted to help "maintain order."

Gar-El's first act in his campaign to maintain order was to fly to Philadelphia in 1776 where he uprooted the entire building that the would be founding fathers of America were meeting in, and flew it back to England.

After depositing the building on British soil he took the "fathers" to the gallows where all of them were hanged as insurrectionists.

Gar-El continued to rule the planet for another two hundred and eleven years until his great great grandson Kal-El confronted him in his "castle" about his tyrannical rule. Gar-El's guards broke in, shot Kal-El, and were immediately incinerated by Gar-Els now almost infinite power. Realizing he had abused his power by taking over the earth, Gar-El left the planet with his great great grandson in his arms and flew directly into the sun. A fitting burial for his Kryptonian grandson. It is not known if Gar-El perished in his trip to the sun or wether he simply chose to leave earth to its own devices.


Due to the long period of time he spent absorbing yellow sun radiation, Gar-El was easily the most powerful Kryptonian ever to exist in any universe. He spent countless years absorbing yellow sun radiation while travelling in his space-ship from Krypton to Earth, and then lived another two hundred and twenty years in an actual yellow sun environment. His abilities had developed beyond just super strength and speed and to a level that far surpassed anything previously shown by a Kryptonian.

His power was so great that he could totally incinerate normal humans with but a thought and his awareness of events taking place around him bordered on omniscience. It is not known what other powers he developed or how far advanced his "regular" powers (strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, etc.) had become. It is safe to surmise that all of his abilities surpassed those of superman's.


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