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Is There Any Way For Things To Get Better?

The entire series has been hardship after hardship as the characters try to survive. Have some characters finally reached the end of their journey?

The Good 

Each month I'm amazed that Robert Kirkman continues to deliver crazy action and suspense in the survival against zombies. You never know what to expect. Main characters are never completely safe. As we reach the end of the No Way Out story line, the survival of those main characters is put to the test. Last month I was blown away by what happened. It looked as if all hope for the characters had been thrown out the window.

But Kirkman continues to surprise readers. The ending of this story does go in a different direction than expected. There are some changes that occur in some characters. We've seen many die already during this arc. I have no idea what is in store for the remaining survivors after this.

Charlie Adlard does a great job capturing the desperation the characters are going through, especially when you look at Rick Grimes' face. The safe haven the survivors thought they had has been compromised. We've seen hordes of zombies drawn before in the series and as they make their final stand, you really get a sense of the sheer number surrounding them.

The Bad 

After the big shocking moment last issue, is there anything that could top it? Usually the big shockers happen at the end of the arcs. It could be better that it happened before as it throws readers off guard. There is some good closure in ending the arc but there were moments it felt too neat and tidy. It does serve to evolve the main characters that survive. After this, there will be some changes. That could be a good thing and I should have confidence in Kirkman. 

The Verdict 

No Way Out concludes and things will never be the same for some of the characters. I have no idea how Robert Kirkman has continued to come up with each crazy scenario and all the twists and turns in zombie survival for eighty-four issues now. The story arcs tend to end with a shocking moment but it feels like that big moment happened last issue. As usual, once you think you know where the story is going or how it will end, Kirkman veers off and we see more of the unexpected. Charlie Adlard has the task of conveying the sheer desperation of being outnumbered by the undead and delivers a great final battle scene. While we do have a good ending to the arc, it felt it didn't have as huge of an impact as past endings. That could be good as it mixes things up and keeps readers on their toes. I really have no idea what the next catastrophe could be and that's a good thing as it will keep me hooked for more.

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