The Walking Dead #78

    The Walking Dead » The Walking Dead #78 - Too Far Gone, Pt. 6 released by Skybound on October 2010.

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    We see a gang led by a character named Derik, that is coming up with a plan to get into the community they are willing to do anything to get inside. Next we get to witness the the whole town coming together to see what has happened. Rick being the leader that he is. He calms everyone down and explains that it is a police matter and tells everyone to head back home. Also Rick takes the liberty to go to Jessie's house to console her about Pete's death. Later Rick goes to Douglas about a funeral for Scott, Regena, and Pete. Douglas has no choice but to agree. As the funeral proceeds the town hears a gunshot. Rick makes his way to the gate of the community and finds the leader of the gang waiting for him. After some threats, Rick tells the leader of the gang to take a hike. A sniper from the gang flashes a red dot at Rick and pulls the trigger. However that sniper was Andrea from the tower. After a quick battle between the two groups. Ricks team wins the battle and they burn the bodies outside the community. Then then the community finishes the funeral. At the end of the issue Rick and Douglas have a discussion about how the people need Douglas, But what Douglas explains is that without Rick being there things would be different and what the people need is Rick.

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    2Long Beach Comic Con Exclusive Photo VariantUnknown2

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    Koz's Comic Review: There is a new sheriff in town!! 0

    This is Review #78 out 78 as I am continuing to review every issue of the Walking Dead as my tribute to such a great book and to hopefully to get new readers to the series. Also to get everyone hyped for the new show on AMC. I will continue reviewing past issues after I complete the current one.  Plot: In issue #78 we see a gang that is coming up with a plan to get into the community are willing to do anything to get inside. Next we get to witness the the whole town coming together to see what h...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Kirkman paves the road for "No Way Out" 0

    Ever since our survivors got to safety in the Washington Community, Robert Kirkman has planted a few seeds that have been watered and growing constantly in the past issues, mainly the menace of a group scouting nearby for the community, the constant danger that Glenn and Robinson have to pass to get groceries, the ticking bomb rivalry between Douglas and Rick for leadership in the community and the menace of a man known only as Davidson. Over the past four or five issues he has addressed most of...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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