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Off to church we go...


Another good issue as they build for something bigger. I know there are a lot of trade waiters on this book so I won't spoil any plot. Again, you get a sense that something big is about to happen in the storyline. With the cliffhanger at the end of the issue it makes you wonder if you can trust anybody. Great art, good use of foreshadowing (again) and lots to look forward to in the next few issues. 

The Good

I feel like a broken record on the good stuff for this title. The art is always good, you still get tons of detail in black and white interiors. I don't know why that's so shocking to me, maybe i'm used to the color washing out the detail? In addition, the writing on this book has always been stellar! This consistently does not underwhlem and always keeps you on the edge of your <enter place where you read your comics here>. This makes me very anxious to see how they translate this into a television series at AMC. 

The Bad

This book is only 22 pages. I wish they could publish a trade a month or enough content where I just read the last page and the next in the series is already on the shelf. Kirkman, you hear? 

Verdict (4.5/5)

On a demerit that they can't publish these books fast enough for my taste, i'll subtract one half point for their 'tardiness' and give them a near perfect score of 4.5/5.

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