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I Eat Cannibals

Well, this issue starts with Dale dealing with what he found out had happened to him at the end of last issue. W also find that he wasn't taken until he already had wondered off on his own power. So the people who took him find that he had been bitten. A problem for them since they were cannibles, and had already started eating him. 
  I knew it was bound to come about sometime. The cannible thing. I am not sure it was necessary however sice Kirkland has given us no proof that animals have been affected or have been devoured by the dead. Considering that hordes tend to gather with each other, most would be in the bigger cities. Yet here we go with the story.  
  So far so good also. I like that the outsiders who are trying to take our crew, is not so much inmidating as they planned, but angering them. This is sure to lead to an exciting next few issues. I look forward to them wholeheartedly 

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