The Walking Dead #5

    The Walking Dead » The Walking Dead #5 - Days Gone Bye, Pt. 5 released by Skybound on February 2004.

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    Rick starts to teach the people in the camp how to use the guns, Andrea stands out as the fastest learner. Carl is allowed to carry a gun much to his mother displeasure.

    Donna express her disgust that Dale the elder man is living in the same camper as the young sisters Andrea and Amy.

    Rick, Shane and Dale go to chop wood for the fire and they both tell Dale they have no problem with him and the girls living together, Dale tells them there is nothing going on and he just likes having a female to clean up and be around the RV. Shane and Rick also get into a argument after Rick says they need more fire wood because of the cold, Shane takes this a another attempt to move the camp.

    Everyone at the camp gathers around the fire at night to eat a freshly cooked meal and get to know each other more.

    Dale tells everyone that he was a Salesman for almost forty years and after he retired him and his wife traveled in his camper, they had been attacked and his wife killed. After he put his wife to rest he headed to Atlanta to meet some cousins and he heard on the radio that it was the safest place to be. Dale met Andrea and Amy on the road to Atlanta and picked them up. Andrea took time off her job as a clerk for a law firm to drive her sister Amy back to collage when there car broke down and Dale picked them up.

    Glenn told everyone he was a Delivery Boy for a pizza place, he was deep in debt and was about to move back with his estranged parents.

    Allen was a shoe Salesman and had taken his wife Donna and twin boys Billy and Ben from Gainesville to Atlanta where they found Dale and the sisters had setup a campsite.

    Jim told them all he was a mechanic but thats all he had to say about his life.

    Carol said that her husband was the breadwinner and she had taken care of her daughter Sophia and did some Tupperware selling, her husband was a car Salesman and could talk anyone into anything including talking Carol info marrying him. Her husband has watched his parents die right after the dead started to rise and he never got over it. Losing her husband she took Sophia to her sisters in Atlanta but never made it and ended up at the camp.

    Once every had shared Amy got up to use the restroom but as she entered the RV she was attacked and bitten. Zombie had lumbered into the camp and when the shots stop they had killed all of the undead, Amy was dead and Jim had gotten bitten on the arm.



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    Koz's Comic Flasback: Things are Taking a turm for the worse. 0

    This is Review #5 out of 77 as I am continuing to review every issue of the Walking Dead as my tribute to such a great book and to hopefully to get new readers to the series. Also to get everyone hyped for the new show on AMC.  PLOT: Rick and Glenn barely escaped Atlanta alive but did manage to accomplish there mission in getting guns for the entire group. So in the beginning of the issue we see the group learning how to use there guns. Andrea seems to be the quickest learner. Carl even gets a c...

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