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At Woodbury, Michonne has taken The Governor hostage and is threatening to shoot him. After an accident involving one of The Governor's men shooting Michonne's riot gear, she accidentally shoots The Governor in the face. After Michonne kills Mathew and escapes, The Governor than sends one of his henchman to go after her. Meanwhile at The Prison, Rick prepares his family and group to evacuate in case the Woodbury outsiders should attack. To Rick and the rest of the groups horror, the Woodbury outsiders do in fact return, this time with a large tank and a small fleet led by The Governor himself. As soon as they pull up in front of the caged prison, the Woodbury outsiders open fire on Rick and the rest of his group, shooting Axel in the head, killing him instantly. Fortunately for them, Andrea returns, giving them cover by firing back at the Woodbury army while perched on top of the RV. After she shoots Gabe in the head, who is The Governors most trusting goon, this sends The Governor over the edge. He orders one of his soldiers to ram the RV that Andrea is on top of and unfortunately for the survivors, it knocks her off injuring her and destroying all hope for cover against The Governor and the rest of the Woodbury outsiders. Things go from bad to worse as the outsiders run their tank through the prison's barricade, allowing zombies to roam free inside as well as the Woodbury soldiers. As this happens Rick and the rest of the survivors realize that things are looking very grim so they return to retrieve their families. When Rick returns to gather his wife Lori and newborn daughter Judy he finds Alice holding a shotgun to his wife's head.

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