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Home Invasion

Plot: As ninja-Jesus hunts down Daryl...err Dwight, Rick deals with the fallout of taking no action against Negan.


Is fantastic. The backgrounds are very detailed, and do a great job capturing the characters emotion.

Script and Story.

WOW! This is by far my favorite read of the week. Ninja-Jesus isn't in this issue too much, but when he is he's awesome. The scene where he's hunting Dwight is fantastic, and keeps you on the edge of you're seat the whole time.

I'm not so sure about Rick's plan. I'm excited to see more reaction from Carl(who I think might just be my favorite character). Negan, is a horrible, horrible person...However he's actually kind of cool. I mean don't get me wrong. I want him dead for killing poor Glen, and being a jerk but he's still a cool character.

The issue is just a pleasure to read from cover to letter pages. The dialogue is fantastic and the tension feels real.

Overall: Buy this!

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