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A survival horror tale about a cat’s journey after society collapses.

Zombies roam the earth and civilization as we know it is dead. When Jin—a young man trying to survive the chaos—rescues a cat from certain death, the unlikely duo sets off on a quest to find a mysterious island where Jin’s wife may be alive. Witness the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a fearless feline whose curiosity may kill him yet.


  • Chapter 1: What Was I Thinking?
  • Chapter 2: Glad for the Visit
  • Chapter 3: He's My Partner
  • Chapter 4: You Could've Warned Me
  • Chapter 5: Play nice
  • Chapter 6: Rooting for You
  • Chapter 7: Better Off Dead
  • Chapter 8: You Got a Problem with Cats?
  • Chapter 9: Satoko
  • Chapter 10: Where'd You Come From?
  • Chapter 11: The Only Way Is Forward
  • Chapter 12: Made It
  • Chapter 13: The Kitty's Name
  • Chapter 14: Never Again
  • Chapter 15: Still Green
  • Chapter 16: Men Are Just a Distraction
  • Chapter 17: Too Soft
  • Chapter 18: Refuse to Believe
  • Chapter 19: S'Long as We Understand Each Other
  • Chapter 20: I'll Prove it
  • Chapter 21: Run!
  • Chapter 22: Refugees
  • Chapter 23: At This Rate
  • Chapter 24: Thank You
  • Chapter 25: Choose
  • Chapter 26: Let Her Be
  • Chapter 27: Have to Save
  • Chapter 28: Why?!
  • Chapter 29: Stay Alive, Together
  • Chapter 30: Like Hell We're Giving Up
  • Chapter 31: Who the Heck Are They?
  • Chapter 32: I Need Some Help
  • Chapter 33: Friend of My Friend
  • Chapter 34: Like We Said
  • Chapter 35: Just For Me
  • Chapter 36: No Way
  • Chapter 37: Prove It
  • Chapter 38: Savior
  • Chapter 39: I Really Love Cats
  • Final Chapter: Yuki
  • Bonus Gallery

Note: The digital edition (10/5/2021) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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