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The Vine are a race of humanoid arachnids from the planet Loam. They were once a peaceful race with no technological advancements until their planet was attacked by a superior race known as The Torment. These invaders enslaved the locals and ravaged their planet, turning it into a barren wasteland. One of the slaves, now known as The Wanderer, managed to escape and discovered The Hara Vine, the last tree left standing on the planet. The Hara Vine bore a single gleaming orb that revealed itself to be the miraculous armor Shanhara, the semi-sentient X-O Manowar armor.

The Vine enslaved by The Torment
The Vine enslaved by The Torment

After donning the all powerful armor, The Wanderer defeated The Torment and freed his people. The inhabitants of Loam then began to call themselves The Vine after the now sacred tree, and worshiped Shanhara. With the aid of Shanhara, The Vine made enormous technological advancements and themselves began to enslave beings from other planets.

The way of The Vine is to take slaves from other planets and leave a number of their own genetically modified infants on these planets. These infants, called Plantlings, look like the locals of whichever planet they are left in and as they grow, seek out other Plantlings to further their race.


The Vine were created by writer Robert Venditti and artist Cary Nord. They first appeared in the story "Blades and Open Fields" in X-O Manowar #1 (May 2012).

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