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Believed to be an ancient Viking who fought the Huns, Valoric was one of a tribe ancestral to the Scandanavians of today.


First appeared in All Out War #1

Character Evolution

Valoric has been forced to, through circumstances outside of his control, adapt to a world way ahead of his time and was made to fight and train soldiers when he should have died.

Major Story Arcs

Late in the 5th Century, a group of Huns, one of the scattered remnants left after the crushing defeat of Atilla's sons, raided Valoric's tribe and carried off King Siggro and his daughter Thella. Valoric led an expedition to rescue them. They got the king and the princess out of the Huns' stronghold, but were met outside by a group of superior Huns. The Nordic warriors fought to the last, and as each died fighting, he was carried off by a Valkyrie to Valhalla.

At last, Valoric was alone. As he fell, a Valkyrie named Frey took him up. She had, however, made a mistake, he was not yet dead. As a result, she could not carry him to Valhalla, but was hurled through a time warp to 1944, shortly after the D-Day invasion.

His wounds healed by the journey through time, Valoric spied a German force and, mistaking them for Huns, he attacked them. Fey tried to take him to Valhalla, but Odin ruled that she could not do so until he was dead. Fey remained, waiting patiently for the death she was sure would come. Though Valoric could see her, no one else could.

Major Graham had seen Valoric in action and decided to recruit him to the American side. When Valoric heard the Germans referred to as "Huns" he was eager to engage them in battle. Valoric was nicknamed the Viking Commando and given Army training. He received much publicity through Life Magazine, courtesy of reporter Maggie Heywood. Whether or not he disappointed Fey and survived the War has not been made clear.

Powers and Abilities

Warrior - trained in the art of medieval warfare now a specialist in modern warfare.

Personal Statistics

Height -

Weight -

Hair - Blonde

Eyes - Blue


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