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    Just like a typical Tarot deck, this one is comprised of 78 cards but each of them has a story behind it, a story related to Vertigo themes and characters.

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    Major Arcana

    0 -The Fool

    The Fool
    The Fool

    Vertigo Counterpart: John Constantine

    Astrological Symbol: Uranus

    Card's Meaning: The Act of Taking Risks and Following Your Own Path

    Reversed: Being Hesitant and Reluctant to Trust Your Gut

    In the story of the Major Arcana all begins with the hero, alone and mysterious, this man travels the universe in search of adventure. Through his journeys he will come face to face with both his fears and weaknesses. This man will also once again feel the freedom that has always been what drives him onward and in the end he will be something greater than even he could have anticipated while still retaining his rebellious charm. That is the story of The Fool and as John Constantine is the man of many adventures who fights authorities even as mighty as the supreme rulers of both Heaven and Hell, it is his story too. Of course, the most important factor representing The Fool is his number, zero, signifying his way of being outside of others way of doing things, being his own person, not tied by others. This is reflected in Constantine who is without position of power or followers, who has lost many a lover by his refusing to settle down and like the Fool gets into trouble just for the experience.

    As for the image itself, the stereotypical "Fool card" is a man about to step off a cliff with an animal dancing behind him and a flower in his hand, basking in the sun's rays. That is not what we see in the Vertigo card, here the sun has become a nuclear explosion, the flowers are devoid of life, the animal is reduced to a skeleton, for this is seeing The Fool through the eyes of Vertigo, reflecting the price of making freedom the thing you value most above all else.

    It should also be mentioned that in the fourth issue of the original Books of Magic series, Tim Hunter and Mr. E arrive at a time in the future where only the Tarot exist as they are the combined identities of all who fit their characteristics and Tim says The Fool reminds him a lot of John Constantine in appearance.

    I -The Magician

    The Magician
    The Magician

    Vertigo Counterpart: Tim Hunter

    Astrological Symbol: Mercury

    Card's Meaning: Power and Knowledge

    Reversed: Weakness and Suppressed Energy

    Traditionally, in a Tarot deck, The Fool is meant to be the youth while The Magician is the experienced, wise one, but in the Tarot deck, things are rather the opposite. In this deck, The Fool is one of the most powerful beings in the field of magic, and The Magician is one who has the potential to be the greatest but is still merely learning. The Magician represents the act of taking on great responsibility, as in the original Books of Magic series, Tim Hunter was forced to take on the responsibility of his destiny, not even given a choice in the matter, though he was deceived in to thinking he had one.

    The first of the numbered cards, The Magician is the first thing The Fool encounters on his journey and usually represents the "active principle", things such as creativity, will and masculinity (not men specifically, however). In the picture we see Tim's glasses, the light reflecting off of them, displaying the typical nerd, while the book insinuates the study and effort it requires to become a great mage. In the traditional image of the card, The Magician is usually pointing his wand to the heavens with another pointing to the earth to represent we are not the power, but the ones who channel creative power. In this picture Tim is also channeling the energy but almost reluctantly, not too quick to seize the power he shall channel. What differs between John Constantine and Tim Hunter in this role is that while both possess the power to be The Magician, only Tim has the responsibility, meaning he can become a far greater danger than John will ever be.

    II -The High Priestess

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess

    Vertigo Counterpart: Mad Hettie

    Astrological Symbol: The Moon

    Card's Meaning: Being Still and Wise, Knowing Things that Can't Be Explained

    Reversed: Becoming Active, Seeking Out What is Yours By Right

    III -The Empress

    The Empress
    The Empress

    Vertigo Counterpart: Titania

    Astrological Symbol: Venus

    Card's Meaning: Passion, Desire and Motherhood

    Reversed: Emotional Detachment and Thinking Through Things

    Minor Arcana





    Court Cards






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