The Veil

    Character » The Veil appears in 24 issues.

    An Iraqi mutant who was part of the team Desert Sword.

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    The Veil was a member of the Iraqi mercenary group known as Desert Sword when they were hired to stop Freedom Force from rescuing a German scientist being held in Kuwait.

    Desert Sword immediately had the advantage after an ambush, resulting in the decapitation of Super Sabre and Crimson Commando having his right arm cut off. Pyro killed the scientist to prevent him from falling back into Desert Sword's hands. As the melee continued, Freedom Force managed to get the upper hand. Pyro managed to knock Veil down with a flaming monster. He calmly walked up to her, said "Barbecued babe, comin' up" and proceeded to burn her to death. 


    The Veil's mutant powers allowed her to release a chemical from her skin that reacted with the atmosphere to create a thick, billowing fog, which she used to mask her movements.


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