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Your short term game needs work.

You can write for an issue and just get most of the plot done in one issue, you can write for an arc to really stretch your story out. The thing is, at the end of the arc I want some idea of where this story is actually heading. I didn't get that here, the story has a neat cliffhanger but using common sense I know that's nonsense and they won't do that. So... I am just kind of confused.

We meet Tommy Taylor, his dad wrote something like Harry potter but even more popular and then just kind of went poof. Tom gets more information about this and then spends the whole book looking into this. It's interesting stuff and is written well, I just have no idea where it is actually heading. The story twists and turns and we meet a couple of horror writers and learn some stuff about Frankenstein. People die and I am seriously bamboozled as to what I am supposed to be taking from all of this so far? It's just kind of there and hopefully setting up for a better story long term.

The art and the covers are excellent. The covers have a cool vibe to them that make you just want to spend hours staring at them while the art is loose, well done, and has it's own style, which is fantastic. The coloring itself deserves it's own mention because it's just great. Kudos to you, art people.

While I would definitely recommend the book to anyone, i would also say "You should probably give it time to unfold."

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