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Necessary Evils

Wilson resorts to desperate measures to protect Miriam from Pullman and the cabal. Tom and Lizzy discover a family secret that has the potential to change the face of the series.

The Good

This and the last cover have been some of the best I've ever seen! Yuko Shimizu is a an immense talent and I'm truly shocked her work is more lauded and widespread.

This arc has done a great job of fleshing out Wilson into a multidimensional man. I really felt for him as I read this issue. You can see that he's a man deeply conflicted by the nature of his work. Going into this I was anticipating seeing the catalyst for his transformation from loyal soldier to greatest enemy of the cabal and I was thoroughly satisfied with what was delivered.

I really wasn't expecting the solution Wilson came up with in this issue. I love the way Carey always plays with my expectations. And the meta textual analysis of the comic book industry was spot on and absolutely superb.

Vince Locke's finishes on the 30's sequences have been great and he turns in some of his strongest work in this issue.

The Last page of this issue was quite unexpected and leaves the story in a very interesting place.

The Bad

Nothing to honestly say here. This series is so consistently great that excellence is it's norm.

The Verdict

This definitely is a buy. As this arc moves to a close Carey, Gross, and co. deliver another great issue. Business as usual over here.

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