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Very Ambitious Indeed!

When I learned this issue was going to be a "pick-your-own" story adventure, I was quite titillated by the idea. I mean Vertigo's always about making great and different stories but this is a rarity even for them so I was obviously intrigued. Thus, when I got the issue I told myself I'd try reading my way until The End on the first try and review it based off of that. As it turned out my first story was about five pages long...oh Mike Carey, you devious bastard, I'm convinced he set the story up so that those who were always going for the more dramatic option would have their story be cut short since there is only one story in the issue that doesn't give you the proper ending.
Really, it was a great issue but somewhat deceiving, I imagined it was going to be something like that Phantom Stranger comic back in the day where four completely different origins were proposed but none confirmed as the real one but here I felt there was a right one, there were just small little forks here and there where things happened slightly different, but never enough to drastically change the story. Once you get through the first few options to "pick-your-story" it is mostly continuos and flowing...which is where the half a star comes off...this may just be personal preference, but I don't like flipping back and forth all the time, especially if the story is actually laid out for you. At the same time sometimes you could go through several two-page spreads in a row before you were told to look elsewhere. So it's not a bad removal of a star, just preference.
All in all, it was an intriguing experience and a fun one, not exactly what I expected but perhaps that's for the best because it means questions were answered about Lizzie rather then more raised and that's what we wanted! This series is definitely a masterpiece and an absolute recommendation for anyone who wants to see Vertigo at its best. Love it!

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