The Unknown

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    Where the dead in the ACG Universe go.

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    The Unknown was the unique version of the afterlife depicted in a number of the comics published by the American Comics Group or ACG., from 1955 to 1967.

    Created by Richard E. Hughes The Unknown made an appearance in many of their horror / light fantasy comics, sometimes only for a moment as beings emerge or reentered the realm, or in the case of ACG’s superhero Nemesis more extended views, though it is almost never shown beyond the outer edge where The Gate stands.

    The Unknown is usually shown as an indistinct place made up of mainly of clouds sometimes with castles and manor houses in the distance, that is protected from entrance by the living or the dead leaving by an apparently iron gate in a stone gateway.

    Within The Unknown can been seen some of it’s inhabitants, which varies from issue to issue, but at times some shown are, the Grim Reaper, a large number of Native Americans, pirates, cowboys and frontier people, various Victorian types, and such notables as Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, as well as Billy the Kid, Blackbeard, Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster! All but the Grim Reaper are shown as translucent green ghosts.

    It is from The Unknown that ACG’s superhero Nemesis draws his powers, as well as from time to time the aid of the residences of The Unknown in the world of the living.


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