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Steve Darwin of Darwintech funded The Britannia Project, a nationwide search for superhumans co-sponsored by the government to build an official UK superhero team. Britannia, Britain's Beacon of Hope, would lead a team consisting of Kelpie, Snakes, and The Choir.


The Union was created by Paul Grist and Andrea di Vito in The Union #1. The team would consist of members from each nation of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Major Story Arcs

King in Black

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The unveiling of the team was interrupted by the invasion of Knull and his symbiote army. The team's press event was attacked by a symbiote dragon. Britannia was able to slay the beast but was killed in the process. Symbiotes from the dragon infected the British soldiers, who were called in for a training exercise. Union Jack, who was working with the soldiers, took leadership of the team against the Knullified soldiers.

The symbiotes were able to Knullify one of the new team members, The Choir. The Choir led the Knullified soldiers to an amusement park where they continued to terrorize folks. When the team caught up to them, Union Jack tried to reason with Ruth but Knull's grasp was too strong. So, with the help of the team, he was able to electrify the symbiotes off his Knullified allies.

Without Britannia, the team wanted to go their separate ways, however, they all signed contracts, including Union Jack, who is forced to be acting leader until they can find a suitable replacement for Britannia.

The Empire Stone

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The team is begrudgingly brought back together when Choir is attacked and kidnapped by Doc Croc, Britannia's nemesis and Choir's former boss. They are joined by the Bulldog, a Britannia Project alternate, and Selwyn James, their government liaison who is secretly a former member of Doc Croc's crew known as The Sponge

Croc puts The Choir back on his team as Skreem and threatens to attack the Tower of London. He is searching for the Empire Stone, a dark magic artifact that gives the holder absolute power. However, Darwin beats him to it. With the stone, Darwin is determined to be the new Emperor.

The Choir defects from Croc's team just in time to protect an unconscious Union Jack from Doc Croc. Union Jack was being puppetted by the spirit of Britannia, who jumped into his body after her death. She tries to take on Darwin in spirit form, but he is too powerful for her. She psychically links to her team and inspires them to action.

Together, they are able to knock the stone out of Darwin's hand and keep out of Doc Croc's. With the team back together for good, Britannia was able to move on although she promised she'd always be there in their "darkest hours."


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