I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm really really mad...

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OK I know I was really pissed last week when I found out about Uncanny X-men being cancelled.  But anyone who reads my stuff knows that the only thing I hate more then cancelling my titles is renumbering/rebooting them!
I know opinion on this is split but jsut so we're clear...Uncanny X-men #545 would have been just as good as Uncanny X-men #1!  Why does everything Marvel does now have to start with a #1 issue???  I was sort of on board when they did Heroes Reborn, but that was mostly because I didn't read the issues that got rebooted.  But since then Marvel has just gotten out of control with the renumbering and rebooting crap.  And it would be one thing if they really stuck to it but half the time they end up dual-numbering or jsut flat out going back to the original numbering again (or in Avengers case going AGAIN back to new #1s).  
I know most people are thinking that it doesn't matter what the numbers are but for those of us collectors who like consecutive numbers and long running series without interuption its a big deal!!

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Yeah,they do it for publicity mostly....."Oh my god, their cancelling Uncanny!!". Just to find out it's restarting immediately with no. 1.
F^^kin stupid if you ask me

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@Gold Dust Boi: hey, are you mad?  ;)
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Let it go. Hopefully, they do not cancel the Uncanny Force and other X-Men issues. You can not be mad at those writers, artists, and editors for cancelling some issues. It is hardest thing for them to do it. They love the Uncanny X-Men as much as you do. They do not like to cancel it, but they have to. It sucks.  They are doing their best to do what they give you a lot of fun to read or look at arts on the Uncanny X-Men. I am a huge fan of X-Men comics and come to a realization that they probably transfer to DC while other people work on Marvel Comics. I am sorry for your anger against the cancellation. There are more comics to come like X-Men: Legacy, Astonishing X-Men, new X-Men, and the Uncanny X-Force. Take care, bro! 

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I would prefer if they would have stoped with special issue  #550 that means something for people who collect the issues since is more relevant that #544. The true is that they could not wait because they are trying to keep up with the Jones..... I mean DC. Since DC comics is doing the same in October, let's beat them for a month. It's good for marketing I guess.

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I completely agree Gold Dust this is a completely pointless excericise. I for one am getting sick of restarts change of titles and reboots uncanny was one comic which has been left alone and having most of the run for last twenty years forms the back bone of my collection. Marvel need to take time to ask what the fans want. At this point in two minds weather to cancel my uncanny subscription as need to drop titles due to cost increase. Wish they would spend more time on coming up with well thought out story lines instead of one event to the next with filler issues. Feel title has been on the down for a while now. why start new xmen title if struggling with an original ?. Understand trying to match DC but feel this is going to back fire as DC news is radical but after intial shock am looking forwad to new titles and atleast this has been done on all titles.    Feel Marvel have lost there way like they did in the 90's

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It also makes it difficult to track down specific issues when one buys their comics online.

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Right on! If the comic execs would get their heads out of their asses they'd see that all the rebooting they do to boost sales is actually loosing them long-time fans and customers.

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