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Sabretooth’s presence at the Institute sets off a chain reaction which results in Jubilee’s kidnapping. Shadowcat dives into the Morlock Tunnels to save her fellow X-girl. Which Morlock has laid stake in Jubilee? And will Kitty Pryde be able to tackle this mission on her own?

On the hunt for Jubilee, the X-Men must depend on Sabretooth, who'd gladly kill them all in a second.

"Trust is a Two-Edged Sword"

Caliban abducts Jubilee and demands an exchange of her life for that of Sabretooth's, a guest in the X-Mansion. Xavier allows Kitty Pryde to take Sabretooth to parlay. The two scuffle in the sewers and then run into a monster in one of the alleys. Caliban rushes in to help. Sabretooth sees Caliban getting worked over and uses a trick of Kitty's to free himself from his manacles. Sabretooth dispatches the monster and then marks Caliban (as payback for breaking Sabretooth's back). Kitty and Jubilee subdue Sabretooth and get him back to the mansion.

"And Nothing Will Ever Be the Same"

Bishop runs through a Danger Room scenario dealing with a past mission with the XSE. Upon completion, he decides to take a walk with Jubilee.

Notes: This annual contains two pin-ups, one of Wolverine and one of the next Cable story arc. It also has an unfinished Uncanny X-Men cover by John Romita, Jr., as well as a pencilled story page from the first story.


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Annuals can be pretty hit-and-miss. This one was more hit than miss and it was mostly due to Ian Churchill's art. I love that guy. The first story deals with Caliban abducting Jubilee as a ransom for the X-Men's release of Sabretooth, the Marauder that killed most of the Morlocks. Why this story worked: Sabretooth's presence in the mansion has been a dividing factor for the X-Men and you still see that at play as they discuss Caliban's terms. Professor Xavier, however, isn't so staunch on protec...

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