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    While nursing Arize, the Mojoverse’s Death Sponsors travel to Earth to retrieve him from the X-Men!

    Shattershot Part 2 - The Masters of Inevitability

    The X-men Gold Strike Force protects the rebel Arize (suffering from amnesia) from a direct attack by soldiers of the pirate network from Mojoverse at the X-mansion. After the troops are defeated Arize (whose memory has been restored by one of the soldiers) leaves on his own.

    Angel of Death

    While attempting to single handedly hold off a terrorist attack, Archangel is badly injured. He see a vision of Amalgam "the Angel of Death" and flashbacks back to the Mutant Massacre in the Morlock tunnels when he first saw the vision.

    The Roots of the Past

    Bishop speaks to Storm about the circumstances surrounding his arrival among the X-men and difficulty assimilating.

    Pin-ups: Colossus/Strong Guy, Storm/Cannonball, Colossus/Brood, Archangel


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