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How Will This Point 1 Issue Do? 0

Two stories in one. Will they serve as a good jumping on point for new readers?The Good We've been seeing recently that the X-Men have a P.R. agent and they need to fully gain the public's trust in them to make things easier. The main focus is how do you sell having Magneto on your team without everyone freaking out? Kieron Gillen does a great job in showing Magneto's thinking and personality. The second story involving the city of San Francisco asking the X-Men for help works to tie in the two ...

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PR for the X-men 0

  Cover I enjoyed this cover a lot just because it has the whole team and everyone on the cover had a part in this issue. Story A PR group wants to give the X-men and good name especially Magneto so they come to help them out. Also the X-men go fight people from AIM who is going to create an earthquake in the San Francisco area. Best Part I really liked the idea of a PR group coming to help the X-men because a big problem for the X-men is the general public. I think they need people to ...

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Deconstructing Magneto 0

  Why you Should Read This - No matter how good the writer is, it´s always hard to make a transition from a writer to another, especially when the person who´s leaving did such an impact in the X-Men lives as Matt Fraction did, but this issue proved to me that Kieron Gillen has all that it takes to lead the Uncanny X-Men into marvelous and surprising adventures, with a strong narrative and grasp in the characters. So this issue is the landmark of this transition, now that Fraction is gone...

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