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Enterprise and Capitalism

I love when I face something new in comic books and this Quarantine arc story is definitely something new and refreshing. It´s so interesting how Fraction (mostly him) and Gillen developed Lobe´s and the Sublime Corporation´s plans and the way he´s doing business and blackmailing Scott Summers is fantastic: negotiations are tough in the capitalist world and not even mutants are immune to that. Now I understant why the writers needed background and support stories, like the Collective Man and Sebastian Shaw´s: it´s for the action pack, since the Quarantine itself doesn´t have action! And it´s because of these characters that this issue is one of the best so far, since there´s confrontation and seeing the team work of the remaining X-Men outside of Utopia beating the Collective Man and seeing Shaw in action taking down Emma, Pantomex and Kitty was amazing! There are some great dialogues too, specially the sarcastic and acid ones between Emma and Pantomex. The new X-Men and what they are about to face was hilarious, showing some good dialogues too. I know some people dislike (and even hate) Land´s art, but I´m a big fan of the guy and this issue is perfect art wise: the movements, the dynamics, it´s an anatomy lesson frame by frame, with great action scenes, Greg Land totally rocked in this issue! Highly recommended!!
4.5 out 5

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