The Uncanny X-Men #531

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #531 - Quarantine: Part 2 released by Marvel on February 1, 2011.

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    The X-Men on Utopia are getting sicker and sicker and their powers are shutting down one-by-one. Wolverine’s healing factor is down and he’s suffering adamantium poisoning, but he’s much better off than the mutants whose mutation defines their bodies, like Rockslide and Mercury. And if that weren’t bad enough, The Collective Man has Chinatown in the palms of his many hands and the Sublime Corporation is kicking the plan they’ve been hatching since #515 into high gear!


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    Uncanny X-Men #531 0

    Warren's off base team springs into action against the Collective Man. Meanwhile on Utopia the sick are getting sicker and Dr. Rao takes drastic actions to find a cure. Elsewhere something's finally done with Sebastian Shaw, thanks to your friendly neighborhood Fantomex.   The Good After Second Coming I was really concerned that Matt Fraction had lost his knack for writing Marvel's menagerie of merry mutants, but this issue has once again made me a believer. This issue is a display of why Fracti...

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    A Fine Red Wine 0

    Utopia is in great perill and the streets of Chinatown burn in violence and riots, what seems to be the work of a single mind (a genious mind nonetheless): Lobe. Fraction and Gillen are leading us to believe that this man is responsible for the spread of the virus HX-N1and in the same time developing and selling a brand new drug capable of giving it´s users mutant powers. This is a well written saga, since we cannot forget the X-Men and Lobe´s first encounter in which he stole genetic material f...

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    More Good Things from Fraction, Land & Co. 0

    Just as Fraction's last issue was a great beginning to a new arc, this issue is a great continuation of that. There are many things in this issue that make me excited to read and continue to read Uncanny, so let's take a closer look of this, the 531st issue, and see why.    What was good? Many of the good things from the last issue carry over to this, such as Angel's team of X-Men, Lobe's team of X-Men, and the actual pencil-work. Beginning with Angel's team, I still like the fact that it's a gr...

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