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If 'Light #4" registered in Kiev, Ukraine, then why the heck isn't he there? The X-Men race to find the latest of the new mutant activations while things come to a head between Emma Frost and her prisoner Sebastian Shaw!


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Of Ruse, Hope and Contagion 0

 This book is hovering over some main character like Hope, and her quest for the 5 Lights, aided by Rogue; Emma Frost, trying to get away wit Sebastian Shaw, aided by Kitty and Fantomex. In this issue Hope gets in touch with the fourth light: a mutant named Teon (a Wildchild look alike) who´s completely dominated by primitive feelings. The bad thing about this piece of the story is the following: A) Where´s Storm? B) Teon in one scene is inside a night club and right in the next one he´s ...

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Review: Uncanny #529 0

While Danger is preoccupied with Madison Jefferies, Emma Frost plots to put Sebastian Shaw out of the picture permanently. The Good Fraction's dialog positively drives this forward. From that new mutants "primal narrative" to Fantomex's subtle "hypnosis" on Madison Jefferies to Emma Frost's characteristically-prissy ennui, the exchanges in this are almost like helpings of a juicy steak you just can't resist chewing on. Actually, it was his characterization of Fantomex that won me over the most....

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Uncanny X-Men #529 Review 0

     The five lights storyline in Uncanny is over and I could not be more excited. this story has become much too formulatic for my taste. I understand how they are wanting to use this story as a launching pad for Generation Hope, but every issue in this story had been varying quality of essential the same comic for four months running. moving past that the Emma Frost subplot has very little legs anf frankly I am getting sick of the, ``is she good or bad`` talk. Emma has been at part of the g...

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