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Five Lights,' part three. Second Coming is nearing its end, so you'll soon get all kinds of info as to what's coming. Here's something to whet your appetite , Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost's first encounter since Kitty took her trip in a bullet. 


Cyclops & Madelyne Pryor's appearances are only in a dream sequence.  The characters don't actually appear themselves.

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Craption much? 0

 Summary and scans can be viewed hereThe Good Cover was ok with storms image over mother Africa. New black superpowerd girl, another Nigerian character added to the ranks. She was genuinely portrayed as scared and was convincing in that capacity.   The Bad Generic uninspired art. Every female looks the same, backgrounds are bland and Storm was just badly written. Storm flies in to save the girl leaving the soldiers outside armed to later fire at them? Is stupid soup being sipped over at Uto...

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Very x-women 0

   Admittedly the first not drunk review! Aww man now this one is gonna suck. lol The Lead Up-Everything in The Return of hope, Emma's role in Utopia, and Kitty's sacrifice at the end of Astonishing X-men in Whedon's run.  Art- The interior art is less impressive. The three artists have an excelleng understanding of debth, but occasionally the female faces just look so damn weird. This is another case of an artist who is best at drawing their own gender, happens to the best of artists. Wr...

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A Miracle 0

The Story - In the search of the third light, Storm and Hope travel to Nigeria to track down Idie Okonkwo, a 12 year old girl who´s having trouble with her recent powers: fire and ice. Meanwhile there are some background stories involving Ice Man, Sebastian Shaw, Namor, Emma Frost and Kitty Pride, and how the last is going to team up with the White Queen to solve her problems. The Writing - This was a much better issue from the perpective of the story and character development. Ororo is a godde...

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