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2 Down, 3 to Go 0

Summary:    After finding the second light, the X-Men find themselves traveling to Mexico City where a young teenage boy is encountering is new gift. Meanwhile, Emma is circling around the previous men in her life as she thinks where she stands now.  The Good:   A SECOND MUTANT! It's fun to open up a new issue and start to see the fall of these humans right before they enter their mutant lives.  This mutant happens to be a young boy named Gabriel Cohuelo who is one step away from leaving school ...

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Namor Loves His Blondes 0

Not a lot of action in this issue except for a mutant from Mexico City giving Psylocke, Dr. Reyes, and Hope a little trouble. This issue is devoted to analyzing the post Second Coming world, and the role Scott Summers will play when out of his element in peacetime. Wolverine questions the latter in a manner indicating concern, while Namor does so in an attempt at getting into bed with Emma Frost. Another variable that will no doubt play a large role in the future is Emma's secret prisoner, Sebas...

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Emma being a bit too Flirty 0

  Cover The cover is okay but, not that great but, better than the art inside the issue. Story Another new mutant is found and he is going crazy during a test and Psylocke and Dr. Reyes know he is turning into a mutant. Emma is having lunch with Tony and Tony tells Emma that they should share all of their secrets. They say this in a flirty way. After Emma’s lunch with Tony she must go to the sick bay to help Peter and Kitty. The boy turning into a mutant is still changing and changing so much th...

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Not Quite Hitting the Mark 0

This issue felt a little forced to me as we start to learn more about the X-Men in the post Second Coming World.  Hope seems more confident in her role as a saviour of individual mutants even if we don't delve more into her being the savior of the whole mutant race.  The Second of the Five Lights is revealed and there are still plenty of layers to peel back there.  Also, Cyclops and his character is called into question multiple times, leading me to believe that his place in the new world will b...

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Was Emma having her period or something? 0

Story: The story starts off with our second new mutant. He was just about to start his new life at college but then something stragne happens. So Psylocke and Cecilia Reyes show up to help. Emma and Tony Stark are eating together and they are both being very flirty with each other. Emma goes to the Brig. Emma gets into a fight with Danger and is told that Peter and Kitty wanted to see her. Psylocke and Cecilia are trying to get a hold on the boy but then something very strange happens. He vanish...

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Uncanny X-Men # 527 Review 0

I'll start off brutaully, but I am being as honest as p.     I'll start off brutaully, but I am being as honest as possibly can.This is probably the worst issue of   Uncanny X-Men Matt Fraction has written since he started way back on issue 500. In the issue Emma Frost is made the central character and she is written the least likeable ever since her HellFire Club days. Previous to this issue I persived (sorry about the horrible spelling) Emma to be someone who puts up this cold distant and r...

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The Speed of Light 0

The Story - It´s the Five Lights episode two, where Hope continues to find and calm down the new mutants - this time is Gabriel Cohuelo (a very powerful mutant in my opinion - he´s faster than Quicksilver). The Good - In this issue I think Fraction removed Hope from the center lights and arranged more space and time for other characters (like Psylocke, Emma Frost, Colossus, Kitty Pride, Logan); the new mutant story was ok, interesting, I´m curious to know the real extent of his powers. Logan an...

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