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    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #526 - The Five Lights, Part One: Freak like me released by Marvel on September 1, 2010.

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    After the events of Second Coming, the X-Men's world has changed. We can’t tell you much without spoiling the crossover, but here are some words to whet your appetite: Hope, Emma, Namor, Sebastian Shaw. Classic X-Men artist Whilce Portacio is back again for this story-arc of epic proportions! Featuring a back-up story by Allan Heinberg and Olivier Copiel that ties into Avengers: The Children's Crusade!

    Angel and Bobby watch over Laurie, one of the five new mutants to spring up since Second Coming. This is a different manifestation then normal, she's older then the average age of manifestation, and she show no signs of unique abilities just pain and sickness (hair loss, bone aches, ect). Laurie isn't exactly coping well, she is cursing god and begging for her life. Bobby and Angel are concerned and frankly bored but Scott reminds them this is very different then normal manifestation and the mutant evolution just may not be done evolving.

    He orders them to continue on. Hope informs Scott she's about ready to leave for Antarctica, she's going on a journey to find more about who she is and hopefully find some peace. Scott sees her off, commenting to Emma he wishes she could stay, thays she's only just arrived. But then he had to be off as well,he's planned to meet up with Logan in Japan who's monitoring another of the new lights (The five new mutants since Hopes return are referred to as The Five Lights.) Scott hopes to fix his relationship with Logan which has become fractured since Kurt's death.

    Hope arrives in Alaska , she becomes discouraged when she learns of her mother's death and all the other lives lost when she was born. She learns her grandmother is still alive and doesn't live too far from the location. But before any of that she wishes to visit her mother and bring her flowers. Once Hope is at the burial site she runs into an older lady who tells Hope she left flowers at the wrong tombstone, for this is where her daughters buried. Hope apologizes not wanting her to know who she truly is. They share pleasantries and Hope gets to learn a little about her mother before parting ways.

    On their way home to Utopia Hope thanks Scott for letting her go, though it was a sad trip she's grateful to learn more of who she is/was. Suddenly they learn Laurie is on her roof about to jump, no longer wanting to be this freak. Hope and company arrive in time to try and talk her down. Laurie is too distraught and makes the leap. Hope jumps after her grabbing hold of Laurie, luckily midflight this completes her mutation. Laurie's skin becomes a light blue shade and she gains the ability to fly. They fly back to the group commenting that they both feel amazing and complete. Laurie pledges her life to Hope, promising to follow her everywhere and anywhere. The issue ends with Hope asking Rouge who's the next mutant they must go visit


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    Uncanny X-Men Issue 526 0

    Welcome X-Men, into the Heroic Age. Hope you survive the experience! Issue 526 here is the main crews first expedition into the world post-Second Coming, and I gotta say, I expected more. Not to say this was bad, but I really felt like this book would come firing out on all cylinders and I didn't really get that feeling. I;m all for slow storytelling, but this book really didn't need to be here.   The issue opens with Light Number 1, a young redheaded girl (We clearly don't have enough) beginni...

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    Review: Uncanny X-Men 526 0

    I feel like I should preface this review by stating that I’ve been longing for a new “power discovery” story for a while now. After watching G-Man’s interview with Matt Fraction, I was sold on this story since it sounded like exactly what I wanted. I was not disappointed. Pros: -Hope (and the readers) finally gets some answers about who she is. She learns more about one of her parents, along with meeting one of her relatives. I thought the entire journey for Hope to discover her roots was a well...

    7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Hope is the Key 0

    The Story - After the battle for their lifes in "Second Coming" and the appearence of the "Five Lights" (five new mutants), Scott sends a team (Booby Drake and Warren Worthington) to Vancouver to watch over Laurie (The First Light), sends Hope (along with Cypher, Dr. Nemesis and Rogue???) to Alaska, so she can search her roots as well is planning to go to Tokyo and meet Logan to watch over the Second Light. The Good - it was a warming story (Hope going to meet his Grandmother), nothing superb, ...

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